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Our Process

Our Process

So how do we do it? Bridging the gap between quality and price is not easy, but Zoom Dry Cleaning has spent countless hours on improving the dry cleaning process to make this happen.

We fit our Dry Cleaning Plants with the newest, latest and greatest equipment. Each Dry Cleaning Plant is built with cleaning and finishing equipment on site. This allows us to continue production throughout the day without wasting time on pickup/delivery between locations. Our stores are able to justify the capital expense in equipment as our volume precludes the need to have equipment on site.

Great effort and creativity has been put into the layout and processes used in our stores. From the way we take incoming “dirties” to how we clean and move them through the finishing process, our team has worked to eliminate wastage in time, steps, and mistakes. The result is high quality garments that we can process with reduced costs thereby allowing us to pass these savings on to our customers.

At check-in customers garments are quickly taken in by simply counting the number of dry cleaning and laundered items. We issue a computer generated receipt showing the respective totals and cost per piece. We are able to do so since we charge 1 price per basic piece. No wasted time in identifying wether it is men’s or women’s or the garment type. Just a simple count. Allowing the customer to ZOOM in and ZOOM out in a jiffy! Most locations barcode the garments at this point so we are able to scan them through the rest of the process at each step. Once production is complete, the finished order is scanned on to the conveyor and the system is updated with a location and a Ready status. When the customer returns for his/her garments, we simply look you up by name and retrieve your order. Prior to checkout we do a final count to ensure that you are receiving the same number of garments as you dropped off. We work to eliminate the insecurity of feeling something got left behind. The number in matches the number out!

Zoom stores are built with an “open” concept allowing customers to see production taking place. We encourage customers to ask questions and learn/understand how dry cleaning works. We spend time pre-spotting dirties and sorting specialty garments for delicate treatment. Anything you would expect from a traditional full-priced competitor can be attained at Zoom Dry Cleaning facility. Feel free to ask for a tour.