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About Us

About Zoom Dry Cleaning

High quality, low price and same day service has been the cornerstones of our business for the 25+ years. The Zoom Dry Cleaning, previously known as Dry Clean Spot has highly experienced team to offer state of the art facilities and eco-sensible cleaning solutions to meet your dry cleaning and laundry needs. As a provider of high-quality and environment friendly dry cleaning services, we have developed a proven method to handle the high volume business efficiently and profitably.

The founders of Zoom Dry Cleaning spent the last eight years perfecting their prior ownership experiences with 40 turnkey installations to develop the current version. While in a two to five year, we have lead over the fragmented, traditional Perc-based high-price method that produces high quality dry cleaned garments, very inefficiently for the customers. Our traditional family, owner/operator, store produces great quality at $4 to $4.5 per garment.

The location selection procedure, high volume marketing, production and operations produce the future of dry cleaning superstore. The combination of techniques and processes, build the stores that consistently best traditional IFI locations with high volume and a quality product. It is typically sold below $3.00 per garment. We will return your clothes clean, fresh and ready to wear. We truly care about each and every garment as we well as customer, every day. You will feel great with us!